The facilitation of administrative procedures is one of the main projects of the Regional Committee for the Business Environment (CREA)

recently installed in the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra (RSK) region. In this context, the Urban Agency of Rabat (AUR) has just launched the online publication of planning documents of the Prefecture of Rabat. These are approved development plans for the Agdal Ryad, Yaacoub Al Mansour, Youssoufia and Akrach sectoral development plans, says Khaddouj Guenou, AUR CEO.

It is an interactive platform accessible to the general public via the website of AURS "PA and indicative urban information" or directly via the address, is it indicated. This project will strengthen good governance through the simplification of procedures, equity in access to information and the improvement of the attractiveness and competitiveness of Rabat. This interactive platform offers a wide range of uses. Thus, it gives the possibility in particular to the interrogation of the database and the edition of an indicative information note on the urban planning provisions.

On the menu also the identification of a geographical location to return later (Geosignet) and the interoperability of data, not to mention the sharing of outputs with other platforms and social networks. This tool has been designed with an evolutionary vision that makes it possible to integrate and put online all the urban planning documents coming under the territorial jurisdiction of the Agency.

As such, the DG of the Agency recalls the efforts made to activate the approval of the urban plans of 8 municipalities of the agglomeration. These include the plan for the development and preservation of the heritage of Rabat and the development and safeguarding of the Rabat Medina. Added to this are the town development plans of Salé, Bouknadel, Ameur and Shoul. Not to mention Rabat, which is under construction and has been slow since 2008. Our goal is to approve 5 plans by the end of this year, and the rest in 2018, concludes the AUR DG.

Note also that the establishment of this platform by the agency will allow to identify indicators and dashboards as requested by Abdelkader Benbekhaled, President of the CGEM RSK, at the meeting of the launch of CREA. For the latter, these dashboards will allow the monitoring of processing including applications for authorization filed by both citizens and businesses. This reporting work will strengthen the efficiency of the services and the transparency in the processing of the files, and possibly identify the causes of the delays.

A tool at the service of management

In addition to facilitating access to information to the public, this platform can also improve urban management marked by a change in recent years. In 2015 and 2016, the Agency's departments processed 7,773 applications for construction, subdivision and subdivision authorizations. Regarding social housing, 11 projects received a favorable opinion at the Rabat and Salé scale concerning the construction of 3,772 housing units, 20 local amenities and 149 commercial premises.