Give your data a voice...

By visualizing internal and external data, such as demographics and market trends, the geographic study will enable you to make smarter and more efficient decisions. Our platform offers you a range of solutions that allow the management of the files, the follow-up of the requests clients, the reporting of the company the analysis and the coverage of the various departments. The integration of location-based data across our platform, will allow you to be more efficient during your analysis, marketing, network operations planning, engineering, construction, increased turnover / sales and better customer service management and team management.

  • Maroc Telecom
  • INWI


Manage our most valuable resource.

Our water supply is finished. From areas of abundance to drought-prone areas, access to a clean and reliable water source is essential. With our technologies, you can protect water supply and integrity by understanding how human behavior impacts the natural system. Document water sources and quantify their capacity based on historical and current data. Then share the history of the water system with engaging maps so everyone can see how today's actions affect the water system of tomorrow.

  • Direction of Development and Management of Irrigation
  • LYDEC 
  • DRPE: Directorate of Research and Water Planning
  • State Secretariat at the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment
  • Directorate of Research and Water Planning
  • O.N.E.E
  • Independent Water and Electricity Distribution Board of Meknes (RADEM)
  • Tensift / Loukkos Hydraulic Basin Agencies / Guir-Ghris-Ziz / Oum ErRbia / Sakia El Hamra- Wadi Eddahab / Sébou / Bouregreg / Moulouya / Souss Massa and Draa-Agadir
  • Directorate General of Hydraulics


Use ArcGIS mapping and analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities before an error occurs. View real-time data, crews, demand and outages.

The majority of activities carried out are related more or less to geography

  • Team management in the field
  • Maintenance of mains and power lines
  • Intervention calls
  • Crisis Management
  • Network supervision
  • Planning & Task Management
  • Lydec
  • ONEE (electrical direction)