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Take care of your customers

Geography is an essential tool for understanding risk, helping and assisting your clients after a tragedy. You can rely on our technologies to help you better understand and support your customers. How? Through access, management and understanding of information according to its location. Visualize data through a single platform using mapping interfaces that can be modeled to meet the needs of each user. The geographic analysis of the information will allow you to obtain a better yield, a faster service and a healthier company.

  • Central Reinsurance Company (SCR)
  • Transport Insurance Company (CAT)
  • Wafa Insurance
  • Saham Insurance
  • RMA watanya


Respecting the changes in the digital age requires a strong and effective strategy. The banking sector is developing and experiencing various changes in the digital age. Human relationships predominate in this sector, dialogue and trust are fundamental to each client's approach. Geomatic / Esri help financial institutions to better take into account this human dimension by analyzing their data in a geographical area. Geomatic / Esri has contributed to the success of many financial services organizations by improving their customer service.

The geographic analysis, the provision of detailed data on their customers provide advantages and powerful analytical tools that will allow you to perfectly meet the needs of your customers.

  • People's Bank


Beyond a simple term, geomarketing is rather a concept. Indeed, the concept of geomarketing finds its very essence in the tools that bring together traditional marketing and geographic data.

In addition, 80% of business data is geographical in nature (customer, supplier, warehouse or plant location, pipeline or network location, etc.) and is processed "flat" using spreadsheet tools. the geographical dimension is non-existent.

  • Morocco Telecom
  • Wafabank
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Service of Rabat
  • NABC
  • People's Bank
  • Deposit and Management Fund (CDG)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Tangier
  • Chamber of Commerce Tetouan


How to better meet the needs of your customers? Is there a way to make better decisions that increase your profitability? Can business uncertainty be reduced and store performance improved? Yes, this is possible thanks to a better understanding of the "places" in your data. Let Esri and Geomatic help you start a game plan that gives meaning and better vision to all your data that you use to run your business every day.

Target your customers.

Geographical location is key to the development, evolution and growth of your marketing strategy. The optimization of coupons, the analysis of feelings, the display of your advertising on social media are places of understanding that will give you a better visibility of your commercial approach. Esri / Geomatic location analysis can help you find a game plan that reduces uncertainty, boosts profitability and improves performance.

  • CCIS of Tetouan: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Wilaya of Tetouan
  • DCIS Tangier: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Tangier Wilaya
  • Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy


Enjoy the location.

The most successful real estate companies understand that the real value comes not only from the location, but also from insight and time management. You already know where your properties are and what's going on around them, but are you making the most of this knowledge? Use an overview of your location to understand the factors that really lead to successful developments using the Esri / Geomatic platform. Esri / Geomatic solutions give you insight into portfolio performance in global, national and local markets. You can see where your data is and how everything connects. You can stay ahead of the competition by filtering your data and focus on what's more important.

  • AL Omrane Tanger
  • Al omrane de Casablanca
  • Al Omrane siège Rabat
  • CDG Développement
  • AUDA