Advanced Analysis

Discover the world around you. Use scientific analysis tools to identify patterns, make predictions, and answer questions.

Understand where

Simply updating your data on a map puts it in context and reveals a new understanding and new insight

Determine spatial relationships

Answers to many questions often require an understanding of spatial relationships such as proximity, coincidence, intersection, overlap, visibility, and accessibility.

Identify locations and routes

Use GIS for site selection based on empirical data. Optimize routing by including your own custom network data (private roads) and restrictions for weight, turns, or cargo.

Detect patterns

Find hot spots and clusters of outliers or natural data when you use data to detect, quantify, and analyze model changes over time.

Make predictions

Spatial analysis allows you to use powerful modeling techniques to make predictions and better understand our world.

Advanced visualization

Work with intuitive and contextual mapping tools to visualize your data on beautiful maps, interactive and informative.

Create beautiful cards

Use advanced tools to create visually stunning cards that focus on what's important.

Industry-specific models

Import your data into customizable templates designed by Esri industry experts.

Several data sources

Use Web Services, Live Streams, 300+, ArcGIS Open Data, and Living Atlas of the World.

Use Basemaps

Give context to your data when you apply multiple layers with a wide variety of basemaps provided by Esri.

Combining 2D and 3D mapping

See your data in a new dimension using 3D GIS. Create maps that combine the best of 2D and 3D GIS.

2D and 3D

The world is not flat. Your cards should not be either. Work in 2D and 3D to add a dimension to your data so you can see the complete image.

View in 3D

In ArcGIS Pro, you can work with multiple screens and layouts simultaneously in 2D and 3D.

Edit in 3D

Create 3D features, import 3D models, or symbolize 2D feature attributes in 3D. Switch from 2D to 3D when you create and edit features.

Analyze in 3D

ArcGIS Pro provides tools specifically for analyzing 3D data, including surface analysis, visibility analysis, and geometric relationships between three-dimensional functions.

Sign in and share

Connect your work with the world. Integrate with a wide variety of web services and share your maps on the web, mobile apps and social networks.

Sharing with ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online offers you a platform to share your work. You can share your maps, data, and custom tools and tasks privately with your organization or publicly with the world.

Meets standards

ArcGIS Pro supports industry and community standards for interoperability, including KML, metadata, and OGC standards. Bring feature data, tabular data, raster and 3D data, web services, and real-time sensors.

Sharing with Web Maps

Bring the world to your site. Interactive Web maps built with ArcGIS tell stories and answer questions without using a browser plug-in.

Sharing with applications

ArcGIS Apps provides easy-to-use environments that focus on sharing your geographic information. There are applications for the field, the office and the community. You can also create your own application.

Image processing

Drones, satellites, aerials, video, lidar, and more, ArcGIS Pro provides powerful tools for managing and analyzing imagery.

Analyze images

ArcGIS Desktop has the tools you need to understand and find patterns in images from a wide variety of sources. Perform feature extractions, scientific analysis, temporal analysis to explore changes over time and more.

Manage the image

Manage images from a wide variety of sources, including satellites, antennas, drones, unmanned aerial systems, moving video, elevation, lidar and more.

Image process

Le traitement à la volée d'ArcGIS Desktop empêche la duplication de données et réduit la quantité d'images que vous devez stocker. Utilisez une mosaïque dynamique pour mettre à jour et traiter facilement de nouvelles images, y compris les fonctions d'orthorectisation, d'affûtage, de rendu, d'amélioration, de filtrage et d'algèbre de cartes.

Data Management

Ensure data integrity and accuracy with a comprehensive set of tools for storing, editing, evaluating and managing all kinds of spatial data, including real-time data and BigData.

Data storage

ArcGIS Pro allows you to store GIS data using methods that match your workflows. Use the cloud, or Esri-geodatabase tool to store and manage geospatial data in office, enterprise and mobile environments

Edit data

ArcGIS Pro provides all the tools you need to manage your geospatial data in single-user and multi-user editing environments. Simplify editing and ensure data integrity with contextual editing tools, industry-focused templates and domains.

Evaluate the data

ArcGIS Pro contains a comprehensive set of tools for verifying the accuracy of spatial relationships, connectivity, and attribution.