Geocortex Essentials is a ready-to-use commercial product that provides you with unique ways to simplify the creation and maintenance of many custom applications, while guarding against the inevitable changes in technology.

Geocortex Essentials reduces project risk, simplifies the application creation process, and offers unparalleled capabilities and capabilities that you can customize to meet your organization's needs - without having to fall down. in the pitfalls of custom development. With its fully web-based configuration and management tools, fully flexible APIs and extensive integration options, Geocortex Essentials makes it possible to create modern web mapping applications more efficiently and cost-effectively.

An increase in value for Esri technology

Geocortex Essentials is based on Esri technology and works exclusively with the ArcGIS platform.

This solution, ideally suited to meet a need for custom capabilities, avoids the need for application development using development kits and central APIs. If you can meet your needs by configuring the Collector for ArcGIS and AppStudio for ArcGIS templates, we recommend that you focus on one of these solutions.

Geocortex technology helps organizations achieve even better results with ArcGIS. It helps you get the most out of your current investment in Esri technology, while preparing you for the future.